Slate Wall Panels

Slate Wall Panels is a popular choice around swimming pools for feature walls. It is also used extensively as a feature for internal wall cladding. It has become one of the most sought-after natural stone for both commercial and residential architectural design due to their slim profile and distinctive finishes.

Eastwood stone offers natural slate panels in Natural Ledge and Quartzite Ledge. Each are composed of thin rectangular and square pieces of stone. These thin, lightweight stone panels are a perfect alternative to larger pieces and create a seamless, modern finish. Stone panels in a variety of colors to compliment any design style,Natural ledge stone panels are available in Grey,Golden Yellow,Rustic, Ivory and Charcoal. Each contain a unique blend of raw colours and textures. This dry stacked application natural ledge stone creates a contemporary yet rustic appeal which complements a variety of design features in residential homes and commercial buildings both inside and out.

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