Marble/Granite Stone Panels

In people's conventional impression, the materials for stone panels are  slate and quartzite, actually, marble and granite stone can be used for making panels, the standard dimension is 6 by 24 inch,150x600mm.

Slate, Granite or Marble panels has been used to build walls for centuries.  That is quite easier with stone that is cut to a thin veneer and more versatile with a wide range of product options. Whether its interior or exterior, a feature wall or a major part of your cladding, you won’t regret the sense of strength, solidity and timelessness that natural stone walls bring in.

Normally, people like soft material of honed or split marble for interior cladding, while for exterior use, they are taking rough dense granite of mushroom or split finish with 4 or 5 or 12 stone lines, more fine stone lines means more cutting cost, by the way,12 lines panel are very nice for fountain water fall.

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