Cement Backed Stone

Cement stacked stone with interlocking design are becoming quite popular for wall cladding decoration. It would be very fast installation job at the site, meantime cement back can be more firmly attached to other walls. Stone combined with cement on the back becomes thicker and stronger. The thickness can reach 3-5cm(1 1/4~2 inch),normal dimension are 600x200mm(24x8 inch),600x150mm (24 x6 inch.)

And compared with other glued stone panels and ledge stones, cement stacked stone can be used in larger natural stone, making wall appearance more primitive and rough, atmosphere luxury. Generally, the width of the stone strip used in the glued culture stone is not more than 5 cm, but the cement culture stone can be used as a large piece of raw stone of 30*15cm(12x6 inch). Almost all kinds of natural stone can be made to the form of cement back culture stone, such as slate, quartzite, sandstone, granite and limestone.

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