Dry Stack Cladding

Dry Stacking gives a lovely textured feeling to the surface where applied. Favorite applications include: Cladding Pillars, boundary walls, Living fireplaces and garden water features.

It simulates the old dry-packed method, where the loose trimmed stone of varying sizes was stacked on top of one another while using little or no grout between individual stones. The product is used both indoors and outdoors, with the bulk of the usage being outdoors.

Normally dry Stack Cladding comes in individual pieces, many clients prefer stone pieces to be Sawn cut 2 long sides and bottom, hand Split 2 short sides,stone thickness varies between 25~45mm(1~1 4/5 inch),stones are picked at random length according to its maximum limitation and not in a specific pattern, U.S. customer often prefer this pattern so much by grey stylish limestone.

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