Mushroom Cladding Stone

The Mushroom Cladding Stone comes in Loose Pattern, bottom without net glued together, it is quite different from slate ledge panel or cement stacked stone, it has the widely application and that mostly used for wall use. In general, this kind of products with mushroom or split surface, and saw cut other sides. By the way, the raw materials for Mushroom Cladding Stone can be Slate,Quartzite,Limestone,Granite and Marble.

Normally, our factory are choosing the stable material supply and competitive materials cost to make mushroom cladding, it is very beneficial for the clients to make large order purchase, even though it is nice solution for private end buyer.

This cladding mushroom stone are mainly used for outdoor buildings cover. So material texture must be very dense and strong freeze resistance, at least, it could be withstand at least minus 15 degrees freezing weather conditions in winter.

In general, the popular product size are High 50x150mm,High 100x200mm, High 100x300mm,High 150x300mm,High 200x400~500mm,High 300x500~600mm,or customization for customer.

By the way, large mushroom stone top often exist a few split spots, the clients should be accept them.

The package for Mushroom Cladding can be divided into 2 categories, First one is Carton boxes for small dimension, and then packed into crates, Second is directly wooden crate for large size, in the middle of crates, our factory have to use the thicker foam to fix stones since mushroom is Not flat enough.

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