China is the world’s leading resources of natural slates. There are countless slate mines in China. Our slates are colorful, Large inventory, inexpensive. Therefore, people from worldwide resource slate products from China. Fascinated by its Wild, mysterious, beautiful, sturdy, more and more designers and archetctor choose slates for walls. In order to meet the needs of customers around the world and to help them more easily access the latest information on slate decoration ideas, we opened this slate wall website.
Our slate wall products are mainly in two materials. One is late and the other one is quartzite with sparkers.

  • Slate wall tiles, cut to size like 30*30, 20*10, 40*40 or big slabs etc

This is the traditional way for slate wall tiles. Just simple cut in square, rectangle, triangle etc in different sizes. Most of them are use for exterior wall or big building for interior.

  • Slate flag stone

The slate flagstone just split from slate blocks. They are available in big sizes or small sizes in a very freedom shapes. It is perfect for exterior walling and saving cost.

  • Slate crazy mesh

Comparing to slate flag stone. The slate crazy mesh is actually flagstones with mesh for easier and faster installation.

  • Slate wall panels

Slate wall panels is called slate culture stones, ledger stones. They are available in different designs like straight cut slate wall panels, Z cut slate wall panel etc.

  • Slate stack stones with or without cement back
  • Slate masonry stones

Slate masonry stones are cut into loose pieces. The masons can install them easily and make a more wild natural feeling wall. They are more popular for exterior wall or bars.

  • Slate mosaics

Slate mosaics are widely used for kitchen boarders, bathroom walls. Cutting slate into small chips and then glue them on a mesh for different patterns. It is form of slate art, which will have more natural variation of colors and striking layered textures.
Why choose slates for wall?

  • Slate has various colors and wild, natural feeling. Meanwhile, it will add the history of your building.

The slates are available in white, green, gray, black, red, purple, brown, yellow, rust or multicolor, mixing colors etc. Meanwhile, the slates have both simple plain colors and busy mixing colors for different projects.

  • Slate is one of the hardest material and it is long lasting.

Slates can last for a long time. Most of slates are very durable and resistant to acids and alkalis.It won't be as easy to wear as hardwood, carpet, or other materials, which is why many retail locations, restaurants, bars, and other crowded areas choose to use slate. With proper installation, the service life of the slate floor can last for 50 years or even longer, and it looks like a new one, no cracks, no scratches, no burns, no watermarks.

  • Comparing to other natural stones, slates are cheaper
  • Maintenance-free after sealing when you finish installation.

The slate wall can be waterproof, dusty, dirt, mud and any materials can contaminate the wall. All you have to do is reseal them every 3 years.

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Eastwood Stone is one of the most professional manufacturers and exporters of slate products in China. We are the Member of CCPITW and Xiamen Stone Commercial Chamber. Eastwood Stone is a company with Quality Supervision Certificate, ISO9001:2000 quality system certification. We have been working in slate industry for more than 20 years. Our products have CE certification and comply with the ASTM and European Union’s rules. Eastwood Stone carry global distribution for slate products. We’ve shipped our slate products USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Middle East countries etc. We have rich experience in export and we know the favors and new tending of slate products for different countries. We can suggest relative products for different clients from worldwide.