Why order slate products from Eastwood Stone?

  • Eastwood Stone has rich experience in export slate products to worldwide and has comprehensive understanding on the preference and needs of customers from different countries.
  • Eastwood Stone keep eyes and mind opening to any new ideas. We attend different stone fairs in China, USA, Europe to learning and listening new tends of stone products. Our manager always travels around the world and meet our customers for showing new products and get more comments on our products and their new requirement from our customers.
  • Eastwood Stone has the Latest equipments and most professional export Qc team, who have been working in natural stones for more than 10 years. Each stones from us are inspected by our high skilled team.
  • Eastwood stone also provide to door delivery if you are not so familiar with imports.
  • Slate resources in China are very rich and the quality are good.

Loose Stacked Stone MORE >>

Loose Stacked Stone are coming from many various stone materials, texture range pulls together a proprietary mix of colors and designs of stack stone which are perfectly suited for exterior facades, interior fireplaces, feature walls and retaining walls.

This range offers a rugged, natural and textural perspective on surface treatments. The Eastwood Stone Company stacked stone cladding range is constantly being expanded and updated to reflect the latest design trends.

The current  well received color are Silver Gray, Mountain Grey, Blue Mist, Tan Brown, Sky Blue, White color or Biege Cream.

Random Stone Veneer MORE >>

Natural Slate Stone can add an incredible beauty to any property and vastly improve the appearance and ambiance of both interior and exterior Cladding facade. Our Radom natural stone pieces are available in a variety of styles, shades, and dimensions, and there are several available types of stone to choose from. Whether the unique design requires the type of stone that exhibits a contemporary and elegant look, or one that displays a more charming and ancient looking, there is a veneer to satisfy your taste and any project requirement.

The designers often prefer to select random shape veneer to create the relaxed and pleasant environment.

The regular dimension of those Random format stone veneer is Diameter 150~450mm,thickness 20~35MM.

Square Stone Veneer MORE >>

Our slate wall cladding products range are available in different  shape display,stone color,stone texture,construction style,various decoration postion.Among different  stone format,Top popular is Square and Rectangle stone veneer with Natural split surface,also name Castle stone veneer is widely installed in exterior wall cladding,this pattern recalls the formality of legendary European precision cut stones.

The color palettes range from subtle hints of lilac and fawn to lighter cream beige and deep burgundies, stone piece dimension average is 6 to 18 inch, thickness range is 4/5 to 1 1/4 inch.

Dry Stack Cladding MORE >>

Dry Stacking gives a lovely textured feeling to the surface where applied. Favorite applications include: Cladding Pillars, boundary walls, Living fireplaces and garden water features.

It simulates the old dry-packed method, where the loose trimmed stone of varying sizes was stacked on top of one another while using little or no grout between individual stones. The product is used both indoors and outdoors, with the bulk of the usage being outdoors.

Normally dry Stack Cladding comes in individual pieces, many clients prefer stone pieces to be Sawn cut 2 long sides and bottom, hand Split 2 short sides,stone thickness varies between 25~45mm(1~1 4/5 inch),stones are picked at random length according to its maximum limitation and not in a specific pattern, U.S. customer often prefer this pattern so much by grey stylish limestone.

Slate Wall Panels MORE >>

Slate Wall Panels is a popular choice around swimming pools for feature walls. It is also used extensively as a feature for internal wall cladding. It has become one of the most sought-after natural stone for both commercial and residential architectural design due to their slim profile and distinctive finishes.

Eastwood stone offers natural slate panels in Natural Ledge and Quartzite Ledge. Each are composed of thin rectangular and square pieces of stone. These thin, lightweight stone panels are a perfect alternative to larger pieces and create a seamless, modern finish. Stone panels in a variety of colors to compliment any design style,Natural ledge stone panels are available in Grey,Golden Yellow,Rustic, Ivory and Charcoal. Each contain a unique blend of raw colours and textures. This dry stacked application natural ledge stone creates a contemporary yet rustic appeal which complements a variety of design features in residential homes and commercial buildings both inside and out.

Cement Backed Stone MORE >>

Cement stacked stone with interlocking design are becoming quite popular for wall cladding decoration. It would be very fast installation job at the site, meantime cement back can be more firmly attached to other walls. Stone combined with cement on the back becomes thicker and stronger. The thickness can reach 3-5cm(1 1/4~2 inch),normal dimension are 600x200mm(24x8 inch),600x150mm (24 x6 inch.)

And compared with other glued stone panels and ledge stones, cement stacked stone can be used in larger natural stone, making wall appearance more primitive and rough, atmosphere luxury. Generally, the width of the stone strip used in the glued culture stone is not more than 5 cm, but the cement culture stone can be used as a large piece of raw stone of 30*15cm(12x6 inch). Almost all kinds of natural stone can be made to the form of cement back culture stone, such as slate, quartzite, sandstone, granite and limestone.

Slate Mosaic Tiles MORE >>

The slate mosaic tile collection is a beautiful series made up of several different mosaics in various shapes and sizes. One of the advantages of these series is that they are mesh mounted allowing flexibility in the size of the mosaic wanted. Slate mosaics are a timeless choice, and with the authentic feel of slate they are perfect for any room. Play with colors and textures to create your dream space. Whether your style is rustic or contemporary, traditional or modern, natural slate mosaic tiles hold a timeless appeal.


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